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Some foreign editions of our successful titles

Abdruckrechte / Copyright permission

Wenn Sie Textpassagen aus unseren Büchern abdrucken möchten, bitte senden Sie uns folgende Angaben:

Autor und Titel unseres Buches sowie genaue Angabe des Textes (Seitenzahl), Informationen zu Ihrer geplanter Publikation (Autor, Titel, Erscheinungstermin, Ladenpreis, Umfang und Auflagenhöhe) 

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Ihre Abdruckanfrage richten Sie an:

Foreign Rights Department / Lizenzabteilung
Infanteriestr. 11A, Haus A2, 80797 München, German

Foreign Rights

Bruckmann, Christian, GeraMond and Frederking & Thaler are publishing houses belonging to the GeraNova Bruckmann Verlagshaus in Munich. Since April 2016, we have been working together with National Geographic Germany.
We produce illustrated books of high quality, outdoor guides and comprehensive technical books. Topics include travelling worldwide, mountaineering, photography, cooking, motorcycling, railroad, model railroad and aviation.
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Besides printed books we also offer our contents for interactive media, for example e-books, iPad and iPhone apps.
If you consider any title to be of interest for your market – in printed or digital form –, we would be pleased to provide you with reading copies, material and further information regarding foreign rights availability.

For any questions or requests please don't hesitate to contact us.

Best regards

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