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Lorenz Andreas Fischer, Judith Burri

Waiting for the Rain
A year in Africa

The desert is alive! A dramatic story about animal life in Africa: Barren, inhabitable deserts, brown plains without any plants, pitiless sun, drums calling for rain, animals close to starving. Then finally the rain is coming: Overnight the land is alive again. Sprouts are shooting to light, lakes appear where dry basins have been before, rivers are flowing again, and animals are no longer foraging for food and water. New life and more vitality all over. The internationally acclaimed Swiss photographer and his partner Judith Burri capture in breathtaking photographs and perceptive texts the life in the African wilderness around the year. They take the landscape along the Zambezi as a symbol for African nature in general. They show the change from the dry seasons with all its beauty, but also with all its deprivation, to the wet seasons with the rebirth of life. Stories explain how people can survive there, about their tradition, fears and celebrations.
  • A dramatic story of wilderness longing for rain
  • Lavishly illustrated throughout
  • Well-founded information about animal life (and death) in Africa.
Buch - Die Savanne erwacht: Wenn der Regen kommt in Afrika
Lorenz Andreas Fischer, Judith Burri
Waiting for the Rain

ISBN-13: 978-3-89405-774-9

200 pages, 150 illustrations, hardcover with dust jacket, 29.5 x 31.5 cm
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