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Ralf Schröder

Motorcycling in Scvandinavia
From Fehmarn to the North Cap

Scandinavia has everything a motorcyclist is longing for: lovely landscapes in Denmark, never-ending forests in Sweden, lonely fjords in Norway. Add to that coloured cottages clear lakes, natural parks and mountains - and you have a motorcyclist's dream.
  • 10 of the best motorcycle-routes in Scandinavia
  • With straight tips to landscape highlight and accomodations along the routes
Buch - Die schönsten Motorradtouren in Skandinavien: 20 Touren vom Fehmarnbelt bis zum Nordkap
Ralf Schröder
Motorcycling in Scvandinavia

ISBN-13: 978-3-7654-4593-4

168 pages, 180 illustrations, 21,8 x 26 cm
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