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Klaus Viedebantt

The City Compendium
100 Best Destinations for All Seasons

Be in the right city at the right time! Many cities are famous for their vibrant celebration of festivals. Check in this book in which city for example the weather is nice in February and something special is offered there and then? “Something special” could be a music festival, a fair, a sporting event, could be carnival or “explosion”. Visit Saint Petersburg for the Beliye Nochi, the White Nights, go to Barcelona for the Festes de la Merce, with theatre, music and cava aplenty. Lavishly illustrated small chapters capture the beauties of each city and give practical information about the different types of festivals – and where to stay. Each city is presented with its seven "highlights" within the "highlight", the city itself. So you have tips in abundance in case you prefer to visit the city when there is no festival and you can enjoy a calm ambiance… So start to plan your holidays and look forward to travelling when you’re in the mood of celebrating.
  • Plan to see 100 cities around the world when their ambiance is at its peak
  • Composed of city highlights in spring, summer, autumn and fall
  • Special boxes per city inform about famous literature, movies and websites
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Klaus Viedebantt
The City Compendium

ISBN-13: 978-3-7654-5459-2

216 pages, 400 illustrations, hardcover with dust jacket, 24.5 x 30.5 cm
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