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80 dream destinations for all four seasons

What to do in spring? Walking through Ticino and enjoying the magnolia blossom for example. When your holidays are in summer you could make an ascent to one of the Lofoten islands summits. During the summer the sun nearly never sleeps there. Hike anticyclically and avoid the European winter (should you not like skiing!) in Patagonia or New Zealand... 400 hiking and walking leads to 80 regions worldwide. The book is a real spin doctor for those who are looking for hiking destinations whenever they are in the mood for it: Whether you're looking for summer all year round, the eternal spring or the eternal winter - here are the destinations you dreamt about.
  • Inspirational ideas for all hiking fans
  • 80 regions, 400 special tips for sportive holidays
  • Find destinations at their peak for all seasons
Buch - Das Bruckmann WanderReiseBuch: 80 Traumwanderziele für vier Jahreszeiten


ISBN-13: 978-3-7654-6068-5

168 pages, 250 illustrations, hardcover with dust jacket, 22.3 x 26.5 cm
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