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Cettina Vicenzino

Mamma Maria
Family recipes from Sicily

La Cucina della mamma – the true authentic Sicilian Kitchen brought into your home! The Sicilian family came to Cologne in the sixties, but never forgot the Sicilian roots. The daughter, Cettina, asked her mother about all the wonderful recipes she cooked for them to bring Sicilian Flair into their German home. And when on holidays in Sicily she collected recipes of the dishes they could taste there. The second daughter, Giuseppina, captures the family story and their love for Sicily in 9 short stories. Find absolute classics and new “creations”, all tested and guaranteed to taste perfect. Learn how to prepare “Arancini”, “Pasta con I ceci” or “Cassatelle di Militello”, the grandmother’s very special Easter cookies. A secret finally revealed… Read about the “feste sui prati”, the Sicilian history and everday life in Sicily. Lovely, colourful illustrations accompany each chapter and make sure to give you just the right spirit for this beautiful island.
  • Unique, colourful design and layout by a young designer.
  • 75 easy-to-do and guaranteed-to-taste-good recipes and 9 short stories from real life
  • A culinary declaration of love to the “Island of the sun”
Buch - Mamma Maria!: Familienrezepte aus Sizilien
Cettina Vicenzino
Mamma Maria

ISBN-13: 978-3-88472-948-9

224 pages. 4-colour throughout, hardcover, 17.5 x 25.0 cm
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